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A DUI arrest in Hilton Head, South Carolina, can result in very steep penalties if you are convicted. The "Per Se" DUI law in Hilton Head, like the rest of the state, says that it is unlawful for a person to drive with a BAC of .08% or more. Due to the protection of your constitutional rights, there are many critical components of a traffic stop and DUI arrest that must be upheld on the part of the arresting officer. If retained to handle your case, Justin Maines will take the time to carefully review the details of your arrest to determine if your stop and DUI arrest can be challenged.

A Hilton Head DUI case may be dismissed based on the failure of law enforcement to consider your rights during the arrest and sobriety testing. Police officers often forget to record critical parts of the field sobriety tests such as a person's eyes during the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus or a person's feet during a Walk & Turn test. If these tests are not recorded, this evidence may be dismissed. Your case may also be thrown out if an officer cannot provide probable cause for the traffic stop or if the arresting officer failed to read your Miranda rights. Justin Maines is a successful, experienced Hilton Head, South Carolina DUI trial attorney who will get these cases dismissed or reduced.

Unlike most states, South Carolina will try someone in their absence. It's often called bond forfeiture, but really it is a bench trial with no witnesses except the officer who arrested you. That's why it is critically important to retain Justin Maines as your Hilton Head DUI lawyer before that first court date listed on the DUI ticket.

Justin Maines defends drivers arrested for DUI in Hilton Head, South Carolina and the surrounding areas. Justin Maines has the staff and experts from Atlanta and Columbia at his disposal to beat back the test results and win your case.

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