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We continue to receive reports of these scammers calling and sometimes victimizing our fellow citizens. Service JUL PrintoutGraduate Education Phone call about a warrant?

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Troopers say your best move is to just hang up every time or not answer to begin with. Keep getting robocalls about Arrest Warrant Scams Click to find out how to stop them.

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The FDCPA allows debt collectors to contact third parties to obtain location information for you, but does not allow them to divulge the fact that you owe money. She says he told me good idea what country continues, phone scam being sent me all my wages. We were told more than likely this was a collection company using a scare tactic against me.

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No matter your particular situation, if you are under police investigation, you should always make contacting a Stamford criminal attorney your first step before you say or do anything.

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