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The ISO classification is HR for VI improved RO oils and HV for VI improved AW oils.

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Penrite Oil is a 100 Australian Owned company producing a premium range of vehicle and industrial lubricants coolants gear oils hydraulic fluids and.

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Guide to Hydraulic Oil Lubricants for Industrial Equipment.

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Recommends separate fluids other than a hydraulic tractor fluid. Do you have questions or inquires about hydraulic oil filters? 22 46 and 315 refer to the viscosity grade VG of the hydraulic oil. Different viscosities are better for different applications in the field.

Construction Equipment Hydraulic Oils Shell United States. Industrial Lubricants Cross Reference Guide Free download as PDF. Is there one hydraulic oil I could use in all of my mobile equipment?

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All Oils are quality blended own brand label and suitable for but DO NOT represent any manufacturers or trademark.

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The display and appearance is not intended to imply that US Compressor is an authorized dealer or distributor of these manufactures.

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Chevron Hydraulic Oil 5606A is manufactured to be used broadly as a hydraulic medium in automotive and industrial equipment operation in unusual cold.

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Alkermes Some manufacturers allow Dexron III ATF as an AW32 ISO32 equivalent.

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